Educating people about spiritual knowledge has been an integral part of Vedic culture, as well as of Srila Prabhupada’s vision for ISKCON. How we present this knowledge also matters a lot. In this age when attention span of people is going down, especially in context of spirituality, drama becomes a very important medium to convey deep spiritual principles in exciting manner. The entertainment factor of drama works as anaesthesia for general mass, which helps to inject deep principles of spirituality in one’s consciousness. The Natyashastra defines drama in verse 6.10 as that which aesthetically arouses joy in the spectator, through the medium of actor’s art of communication, that helps connect the individual to his real self, which is
Krsna Consciousness.

Some of the themes of our dramas are: ‘Andha Yug’, ‘Saints and Swindlers’, ‘Mera Bharat Kahan’, ‘Swami ji se Sidhi Baat’, ‘Pig’s Pleasure’, ‘Devasur Sangram’, etc.