‘Krsna has given us so many nice preparations. Day before yesterday we were present here. We had feasting. Everybody had tasted. So many nice things we have got. Krsna bada daya may, kari bare jihva jay, sva prasad anna dilo bahi. Our tongue is very fastidious. He wants to taste this, taste this, taste this. But Krsna is so kind that He gives us varieties of prasadam so you can taste them, you can satisfy your desire at the same time you become spiritually advanced. This is a nice process.’ - Bhagavad-gita 10.2-3 January 1, 1967, New York

Food is another very important aspect of Krsna Conscious culture. The festival is concluded by grand sumptuous feast composed of various delicacies served according to season, climate and geographical location. We give Krsna Consciousness to people in different ways like lectures, temple programs etc. However, none of these can match the acceptance level people show towards feast prasadam. Unlike our philosophy and other intricacies, feast prasadam scores very high in terms of acceptance by new audience. Feast prasadam gives youth direct experience of Krsna Consciousness.