‘Music and dancing employed in sense gratification are to be accepted as demoniac, but the same music and dancing, when employed in glorifying the Supreme Lord as kirtana, are transcendental, and they bring about a life completely fit for spiritual enjoyment.’ - Srila Prabhupada SB 3.20.38

Indian music industry sales has grown from 7 billion rupees in 2007 to 15.4 billion rupees in 2016. [] This clearly shows how much importance music holds in one’s life. Music easily becomes companion in all emotional stages of one’s life, either he be sad, happy, calm, or meditative. When someone is happy he likes to listen to happy songs, when someone is sad he likes to listen to sad music and so on. Mundane music can only raise the listener to a certain mental and emotional state and that also for some time, but spiritual music has power to raise one completely to spiritual platform where he experiences real bliss.

Vayu Purana describes sankirtan as, Hare Krishna Mahamantra sung in different melodies accompanied by different instruments. Just as Lord in, deity form is worshiped by dressing and decorating, similarly Lord in form of sound is decorated through sounds vibrations of various instruments and ragas. From musical perspective, Hare Krishna Mahamantra composed of 32 syllables is one of the most flexible mantra, which can be sung in any particular raga with varied emotions.

Mantra Rock show provides youth a taste of bliss of chanting holy Names packaged in the form of modern music accompanied by various instruments.