If we remove ‘spirit’ from ‘spiritual’, what remains is ‘ritual’. We can directly observe the effect of this loss of ‘spirit’ in distorted forms our Vedic festivals have taken today. Either it be Holi, Diwali, Dussehra, Shivratri, or Navratri, many people have started taking these pure festivals as an excuse to indulge in illicit activities like gambling, intoxication and so on. As a result, such festivals are being seen by young generation as burdensome meaningless ‘rituals’ their parents are doing just on the name of continuing a ‘pratha’, which even they don’t know why they are doing. Due to ignorance of spiritual knowledge and misinformation through various media sources and so called intellectuals etc., people have started seeing spirituality as something impractical, illogical, old fashioned, boring, unscientific and irrelevant. Such misrepresentation of spiritual knowledge leads to loss of ‘spirit’ of the festival, and hence to reinstate this ‘spirit’ we need to show how spirituality is relevant, interesting, logical and scientific. In order to give a glimpse of glory and practicality of Vedic knowledge we present seminars on various topics in these festivals.

Topics for the seminars are chosen in such a way that it is relevant to particular time, place, circumstances and audience. Some of the topics are: ‘Naam, Naami, Tsunami’, ‘Mera Bharat Kahan’, ‘Kaun Banega Brahm-Anna’, ‘Faithology: Science of Faith’.
The message we want to give through these seminars is ‘Spirituality is Relevant, Deep, Logical and Scientific’.